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Buying vs. Building 

Starting a business from scratch involves time, money and considerable uncertainty. Purchasing an existing business can remove or reduce many of the unknowns and fast-tract the start. The "buy versus build" decision assesses many elements that make up the "Goodwill" component of business value that is generally the largest component of the purchase price.

  • An established customer base

  • A recognized and respected company name

  • A trained workforce

  • In-place information systems

  • Established business processes and procedures

  • Intellectual property such as patents and copyrights

  • A developed base of vendors and key business relationships

  • Operational physical facilities and equipment

  • A financial and operational performance record 

Why Use a Broker?

There are many trade-offs in the purchase decision. We help prospective purchasers analyze target businesses's operational and financial attractiveness, and guide them through the steps in the purchase process.

Our approach to serving our clients includes numerous activities that serve to streamline the purchase process. 

We work closely with banks early in our marketing process so that we understand the bank's products and requirements so we can recommend optimal financing alternatives. Our collaborative approach working with other business advisors enables us to recommend highly qualified resources for our prospective business owners. 

Experience has consistently reinforced our win-win approach to business transactions. Highly satisfied Buyers and Sellers are a an important source of referrals. 

Looking But Not Finding?

We help prospective purchasers find businesses that align well with their objectives, skills and experience. We recommend alternatives to help our buyers expand  their opportunities. Our buyers are a key source of our referrals, evidence that we work diligently on their behalf.

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