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We're bringing you expanded capabilities through our new partnership with the BTI Group, the largest business brokerage and M&A firm in the Western United States

We've also expanded to serve Arizona!

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We provide business brokerage and consulting services to privately held businesses across Washington State. Our expertise and approach drive well planned, well-executed transactions that deliver optimum value.


Engage us before you're ready to sell so that we may recommend how you can grow the sale value of your business. You will value our insight.


Buyers include high net worth individuals, companies seeking expansion, or private equity groups depending on your company size and attributes. They may be local or global in origin.



We serve privately held manufacturing, distribution, general and professional services and select technology companies across Washington and Arizona.


Size: Lower middle market companies with revenues to $25 million and cash flow  (EBITDA) to $2 million.

We represent companies with solid performance records and a balance of strengths that present buyers with a compelling case for future growth.  


Our services, in addition to sale and purchase of full ownership interests, include buyouts, buy-ins of partial shareholder interests, prepara-tion of business plans as well as financial and operational consulting.


 We take the time to understand each prospective acquirer's objectives, capabilities and needs. 

We recognize the importance of an  economic balance between the buyer and seller so that the price and terms enable the seller to realize fair market value and that a buyer with appropriate capabilities can achieve an investment return that is commensurate with

the opportunity and risk presented by the  potential acquisition. 

Buyers appreciate our collaborative approach with legal, financial, tax and other advisors.


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